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How I learned to play spoons.

I learned to play spoons out of hunger. I needed a way to fund myself while I was backpacking across America. Traveling was something I had an aim to do, but labor pools and odd jobs weren’t making it happen. Street Performance ended up being the answer for me.

I tried for a long time to get by on odd jobs, such as working on industrial sewing machines, temporary forklift jobs, and I even worked a mirror house in Oregon or a moment. Eventually, I ended up in Savannah Georgia, where I ran into many travelers who were playing music. It was February, right before all the St. Patrick’s madness that happens there. Someone “borrowed” some spoons from Paula Deen’s restaurant, and taught me the most basic moves. I suddenly had a way to support myself, but I was terrible at it.

I’m a very determined person. I practiced everywhere, driving everyone around me crazy. I had such a great time fiddling with them, and figuring out what came next. I felt relaxed and happy creating new patterns and rhythms. It was a blast. When the spoons became easier, my next love showed up… street performance.

Street performance opened so many new doors for me. It also taught me a lot about people, and I often thought of myself as a professional people watcher. It helped me gain more and more confidence in dealing with people and putting myself out there. I learned to look at people, smile, and puff my chest out.

I can’t wait to tell you more stories. In the meantime, maybe someone could link Paula Deen to this.

Paula Deen, I’m sorry for “borrowing” your spoons forever. Eventually, I banged them flat and they broke, or I’d send them back. I’m happy to send you their cost. Thanks for your understanding. – Spoon Lady