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How I learned to play spoons.

I learned to play spoons out of hunger. I needed a way to fund myself while I was backpacking across ...
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teeth abby

So What If I Don’t Have Teeth!

When "Angels In Heaven" went viral in 2017, my life changed in a lot of ways. I started to get ...
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Tuning Up the Musical Silverware

It took me a long time to figure out what types of spoons were my favorite spoons. Right now the ...
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Spoon Playing Techniques – The Slide

Finally! Here it is! So many folks have asked me to upload a video of how I "slide the spoons" ...
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the history of playing the spoons

There have been spoon players since before written history. Prehistoric rock drawings and pottery as early as the 4th millennium ...
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Storytelling creates community.

I started doing volunteer radio because I wanted to become a better storyteller. I started with folk songs. I would ...
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