How to Play Spoons

Playing spoons can be a fun activity, for adults and children alike. Here are a few basic videos to help show you the way that I play. There is no wrong or right way, but these techniques have helped me, so I am sharing them with you. I hope this helps.

The grip is the most important part of playing. Make sure to rewatch this video if you are having an issue getting them to do what you want them to. Don’t fret though, as a bit of practice is all it takes.

Here is a run-down of the different types of spoons that I use when I’m playing music. Every type of spoon makes a different kind of sound. Try out different ones. Finding a matching pair is always helpful to me, and make sure they fit well in your hands.

This clip shows how to do “the gallop”, a very simple technique and rhythm that is used very often.

The one “move” I do that folks ask me about the most is the “roll”. Once you have the grip figured out, it will come naturally. If you are having trouble getting them to roll down your fingers, I would recommend you refer back to the first video in the series and make sure you are holding them right.

I’ve learned to tune my spoons. It’s a slightly tedious process, but it eventually hammers out. You can read about how I turned my spoons in this post right here: Tuning Up the Musical Silverware

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