Shows, Talks & Workshops


I play music with a handful of great artists, and I’m happy to bring along a band.  Musical concerts are just that – music, fun, some sing-alongs, and often a few surprises. 


Storytelling shows consist of both music and stories. Subjects or themes I often cover during storytelling are traveling & hoboing, stories surrounding street music, American jug band music, self-esteem and self-worth, homelessness and social issues, the differences in hobos of the 1920s and today, tramps and hobos of the depression, and female hobos of the early 1900s.  Subjects are not limited to these, and I’m happy to discuss any type of event or subject to see if it fits within my capabilities.  I can also tailor shows to be appropriate to any age group or class size.

I eagerly donate my time to battered women’s shelters and similar organizations.  If you are aware of a domestic violence shelter that you think I should come to speak at, please have a representative from the shelter contact me at [email protected].  These dates do not get publicly posted, thank you for your understanding.


Spoons – Musical Saw – Washboard – Washtub Bass

Musical workshops are great for all sorts of events – festivals, block parties, family reunions, summer camps, corporate team-building, or even schools.  I have all my own equipment and bring equipment to pass around so you can get your hands on a musical saw and bow to try, get some spoons lessons, or even learn to keep time on a washboard.

JugJUG WORKSHOPS ON HOLD DUE TO COVID-19.  When we get the all-clear we’ll be blowing jugs again.


I’m available for guest appearances for musical shows or for other types of special events.   I have played on stage with all sorts of folks from Rodney Dillard to Dave Grohl, and can play along with almost every kind of music.   I’ve even been featured in short films and horror flicks for cameos, so if you’ve got a creative endeavor please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email and see if your project is a good fit.  I love hanging out with creative people doing creative things.


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