Busker Broadcast is a show that centers around street performance, street music, street politics, and other issues that arise on the sidewalks. Asheville NC is known for its vibrant busking scene, and so as a home-base, it only seems appropriate. Many cities in the United States look to Asheville as a model for a healthy busking scene.

In 2020, the Busker Broadcast is going to hit the road and visit other cities in the US to talk about policy and sidewalk issues, and of course, to record some great music! It will be an interesting study in public space, looking at each city and how it compares to Asheville.

BUSKER BROADCAST airs WEDNESDAYS 11 am – 11 pm EST on Asheville FM 103.3 and online at ashevillefm.org.

YOU CAN FOLLOW BUSKER BROADCAST ON THE WEB: https://www.facebook.com/buskerbroadcast/

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