Spoon Playing Techniques – The Slide

The “slide” is the technique that most folks ask me about when first learning spoon playing. It really is all about the grip. The more I learned about the right way to hold the spoons and got used to them in my hand, the more I could achieve more tricks and movements with them.


the history of playing the spoons

There have been spoon players since before written history. Prehistoric rock drawings and pottery as early as the 4th millennium depict dancing figures with curved blades in their hands. Spoons belong to a class of instrument called concussion idiophone.


Storytelling creates community.

My desire for storytelling started as I was traveling. I spent the larger part of a decade hitch-hiking and taking freight around the country, which made me have to open up to strangers and folks I normally would not have spoken to. Since I was constantly a stranger, I found myself learning about a wide variety of people along my route.